Creating the Highest Quality Modern Construction Materials

D&D Synergy Develops, Manufactures and Sources the world’s best performing, Modern Construction Materials

What We Do

Material Development

We develop, manufacture and source the highest quality construction materials.

Material Suppy

We supply materials for all types of protective and rehabilitative applications.

Custom Development

We work with real estate developers, contractors and engineers to develop customized products and solutions to suit specific needs.

Consulting Services

We consult and perform inspections to asses a project in order to match the correct product and application for specific needs. 

Product Applications


We offer a variety of flooring application technologies including decorative, commercial and residential applications as well as specialized industrial application. Our product line includes single coat, high-build industrial applications as well as traditional multi-coat applications.

Commercial & Industrial Protective Coating

Our protective solutions product line includes high performance epoxy cements, high-build epoxies, polyurethanes and polyaspartic coatings. We specialize in products that address corrosion due to acid attack, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and I&I while also providing high chemical protection and antimicrobial resistance. 

Chemical Containment

D&D epoxy coatings are water, chemical and acid resistant and are capable of protecting your storage tanks from corrosion and rust. These highly chemically resistant epoxies are primarily designed for secondary chemical containment, but are also useful where there is a chance of chemical spill.

Water & Waste-Water

The D&D water and waste water coatings are designed for repair, rehabilitation and lining of waste water infrastructure in order to combat corrosion, abrasion and chemical contamination. We also offer a line of coatings for drinking water application certified by ANSI / NSF-61.

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