Our products are developed using the purest components and are quality tested to comply with all industrial standards.

IRN Glaze Coat HC

(High Chemical Resistance) A high solids modified cycloaliphatic cured multifunctional epoxy Novolac coating.

IRN Liner EM

The industry leader in epoxy mortar technology. Designed to be used a high performance underlayment to specialized coating systems.

IRN Grip

a two component heavy duty non-skid Epoxy coating. A high
performance coating ideal for industrial, commercial, marine, and other applications.

IRN Aqua Coat 61

A 100% solids, high-build epoxy for the protection of steel and concrete substrates that make contact with potable / drinking water, certified to NSF / ANSI-61.

IRN Slab K17

A specialized aggregate floor topping, bound together by industrial grade 100% solids epoxy.

IRN Steel Coat

A two component, multi-purpose, high solids, direct-to-metal (DTM) and direct to prepared concrete chemical resistant amine cured epoxy.

IRN Urethane HB HS

A high build (HB), high Solids (HS) two component acrylic aliphatic isocyanate polyurethane coating. This chemical resistant urethane provides exceptional resistance to a variety of chemicals.

IRN Urethane

A two component polyester aliphatic isocyanate polyurethane coating. This chemical resistant urethane provides exceptional resistance to a variety of chemicals.


A multi-layer rapid set skid resistant high-friction polymer overlay for bridge and parking decks. (SR) is the Sag resistant version used for ramps and other sloping areas.

IRN Liner WP Sealer

Polymer cement waterproof sealer. Used on concrete, concrete block and other masonry. Resists hydrostatic pressure yet remains breathable.

IRN Concrete Patch

Polymer modified mortar technology. Polymer modified to improve bonding, chemical resistance, water resistance. Exhibits excellent tensile, compressive and flexural strengths.

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